Now you’re ready to experience TV on your terms!

You can invite these guys over to binge watch your favourite shows, or your own friends if you’d like.  Its your choice.

One thing to really understand if you’re going to join the rest of us cable cutters, is that you have to change your habits when it comes to your TV watching habits.  Cable cutting really is about taking charge of what it is you want to watch and viewing it on your own schedule and terms.  Want to watch a show when you have a free moment, you can do that.  Or want to catch up on your favourite series starting at 11 pm?  You can do that.

If you’re looking into joining the trend, you have to stop thinking of which channels you want to watch and more what TV shows.  As I described in my previous posting, sit down and think about what it is you really watch.  Once you have your list, its now up to you to decide how you want to enjoy them.

Honestly that to me is the joy of watching television this way.  I can watch my favourite shows whenever I want.  Often for as long as I want.  Rather than having to tune into television on the broadcasters schedule, I’m now free to watch when I’m free.  If I have work I need to do or other interests that I want to indulge in, I’m free to.  Then binge and catch up on my favourite show.



5 thoughts on “Now you’re ready to experience TV on your terms!

  1. Would this concept apply to watching sports too? I guess you’d have to stay away from social media and avoid listening to the radio to avoid being told a final score eh? 🙂 I do like that concept though. Similar to PVR concept I guess – not that I know how to do that either.


    1. I’m going to be posting some more about this later. As currently in Canada it’s trickier to watch live television than in the US. And from what I’ve been able to piece together the reason for this is really stupid.


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