Is there anything good on?

So I’ve recently decided to rebinge Game of Thrones.  Is rebinge a word?  I don’t know, but I’m making it one.  And it’s suddenly struck me as a good topic to write about.  Not Game of Thrones itself.  That would take an entirely different blog to address.  Rather how good a program it is to lend itself to binge watching.  The structure, the narrative, and the short seasons really help someone immerse themselves into a TV show.  So I thought I’d make an entry on some of the most bingeable series that I enjoy and why.

  1. Game of Thrones:

So as I said above I’m currently rebinging on this one.  I originally watched it on HBO week to week.  I have to say I so much enjoy watching it this way.  It’s easier to pick up on subplots which may or may not pay off down the road. Plus when something happens, its easier to reference to a previous plot point, as I only watched it a few hours ago.  I’m enjoying the show even more now the second time around and can really appreciate the love and devotion all involve have for George R.R. Martin’s epic.  If you can catch up with all five seasons before season 6 premieres on April 24th.

Also, one last thing: R + L = J

2. Breaking Bad

This is probably my favourite TV show ever.  I rank every television show I watch now to this series.  The characters, pacing, story, acting, all of it is superb.  My wife and I started to watch this together, and we rarely watch the same TV.  This one though got us hooked into binging.  When one episode ended we immediately had to start the next one to see what happened.  Even though this show started on cable, I’d consider it a template for any streaming service programing yet to come.

3. House of Cards

The first series created with binge-watching in mind.  This is Netflix’s first foray into producing their own content.  And it works marvelously.  Full disclosure, I love politics and I love bingewatching, therefore you can see my bias.  Regardless, after watching this series you can see the potential for every other television series yet to come.  Complex and thought provoking it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.  I’ve yet to watch season four, but believe me I will.

There are some of my suggestions to get started on binging.  I’d love to see what grabs your attention and what  your recommendations are.  Post them in the comments below.



6 thoughts on “Is there anything good on?

  1. I feel like such a TV loser – I honestly don’t watch anything other than maybe some sports or the occasional TreeHouse TV or Disney Jr program. Sad, I know. I’m almost tempted to catch myself a good 4-day flu or something just to stay home by myself and watch some of these shows! They sound incredible! I guess I’d have to get Netflix too, eh? Sigh…


    1. Actually as a parent I am very very familiar with Netflix’s children’s catalogue. Unfortunately haha. It’s a good resource to expand your kid’s tv watching.


  2. I haven’t watched any of these shows, but I can certainly binge watch with the best of them. I recently spent a week watching all of the available episodes of Scandal. Love that show.


    1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Scandal. Namely that Kerry Washington is fantastic in it. Unfortunately, I’ve never jumped on that bandwagon. Mostly as my attention is spread across too many television shows as it is already and I have to draw the line somewhere.


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