Is this the shape of things to come?

So I’m scrolling around my twitter feed, when I come across news of Sean Parker’s interest into the online streaming environment.  Most of you know the name Sean Parker from the movie The Social Network.  He was played by Justin Timberlake.  However he is a real life guy.

Screenshot of Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker from The Social Network
Not Sean Parker


Photo of Sean Parker at Web 2.0 Summit
Actual Sean Parker

What I’m most interested in is this little bit of news.  A same day streaming service for blockbuster films.  Imagine no more having to show up an hour and a half prior to showtime for decent seats.  And then fighting the crowds for concession snacks.  What should also be interesting to you dear reader, is how many power players in Hollywood seem to be interested in this.  There seems to be a real interest in the feasibility of this and how to make it work.

However, I’m going to bring it back to Sean Parker, and why I think his involvement is a game changer for the entire industry.  This is the guy who foresaw the power of Napster, created Facebook and changed the music industry with Spotify.  Now he’s targeting his sights on the film industry.  His track record of changing the playing field when he gets involved is pretty strong.  I’m genuinely excited to see how this will change the entertainment industry.


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