Live TV without cable…how’s that working so far?

Screenshot of Kodi add ons
A screenshot of Kodi

So this came up a few posts ago.  Namely, once I cut my cable subscription, how did I watch live TV?  I thought I’d follow up with an update on how my exploration of my Android box has come along.

Going online to I researched around to find some great addons to configure and load onto my Kodi app for my Android box.  You can find the updated list here.

Another app that you can download exclusively for Android is Mobdro.  Long story short, it’s a great easy to use app for live television around the world.  Including Canadian sports channels more importantly Sportsnet, so I gets to watch my Blue Jays all season long.

So having been able to dive back into the cable pool every now and again, it’s interesting to compare live tv with tv streaming.  I can honestly tell you, I do not miss live tv at all.  While I enjoy watching the Jays on their way to a World Series title this year (yeah I’m calling it this early), I hate having to wait for commerical breaks.

In the future, I’d love to see a subscription app, to live sporting and other events that takes away commercials.

One can dream.



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