For those less technically inclined…

In my research into cable cutting, I’ve come across an interesting industry that is just sprouting.  While I decided to dive in headfirst so to speak into cable cutting and getting this to work on my terms, I understand my story is somewhat unique.  Judging from responses on my blog, as well as private conversations, it’s clear that there is a big appetite for cable cutting among Canadian consumers.  However, there is also a lot of questions about how to do it.  I agree it can seem to be daunting if you’re not technically inclined in the slightest.

In true capitalist fashion however, where there is demand, there will be supply.  So a number of Canadian entrepreneurs have decided to help their fellow Canucks cut their cable cords:


The Antenna Guys

The Man Cave Cinema (They win prizes for most original name)

I’ll put this caveat in here though.  I haven’t personally used any of these services and do not endorse them.  However, for any readers who are curious to join the growing trend, this might a good place to start.



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