Is Youtube the next big studio?

As I was writing that title, I thought to myself it sounded a little stupid.  However, the more I mull it over in my head I’m not entirely certain that I’m off the mark here.  As you no doubt are aware Youtube is the largest video sharing site on the planet (and if you’re not, then “Hello, welcome to earth, you have a lot to catch up on.”)  All of it’s material is generated by average users.  Random people like you and me.  Now why I think of it as the next big studio waiting to happen, is because of the money behind it.

Forbes magazine, has put together a list of the top YouTube stars of 2016.  All of these kids are millionaires through YouTube.  Now if a lot of these videos are merely vlogs, sketch comedies or musings on life, it begs the question, what if someone were to create something really original and out there?  There are already some really great fan films for Star Wars on there:

and here:

Which leads one to wonder, if you can make this quality of film using a small budget, what if you can make a TV or Film series for YouTube distribution but with a high quality budget?  It seems the financial feasibility is there, there just needs to be the drive to produce something original.


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