A number of changes will be happening…


An afternoon of beer and blogging…

As you may or may not have noticed recently, there has been a change here.  Particularly the name, format and just about everything.  I’ve decided recently to expand on this blog I started as a school project into something a bit more robust.

I’m looking to expand this site to encompass a number of topics I’m interested in.  Cable cutting will still be a topic, however I’ve found it’s hard to keep typing about just that one narrow field.  Instead, I’ve decided to cast my net wider and start talking about politics, the media in general, technology and pop culture.  A lot of the time I find that these items cross into each other, so it seemed like a good fit.

So to do this, I registered my name as a domain and figured I’d reformat the layout to something a bit more flexible for my needs.  Over time I’ll add more detailed writings about the various topics I mentioned above, and am hoping to become a bit more avid on my blogging. Feel free to follow along as well as on my social media profiles.  The links are on my site.


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