When I ran the numbers, I found something interesting

Coming off my last post, I thought I’d share this little bit of math I worked out back when Disney+ first came on the market.

I subscribe to the New York Times and they published an online interactive survey to determine what streaming services you should subscribe to. It’s here:

I took it and came up with I should be paying around $66 US for all my subscriptions to get access to everything I typically watch on a regular basis.

So I went and took a look at what my Canadian options would be, expecting to be very disappointed with what was available to me. My app list looks like this:
Amazon Prime $7.99 per month
Crave $25.99 per month (This is the HBO Package)
Netflix $13.99 per month
Sportsnet $19.99 per month
Disney + $7.99 per month

In total I’d be paying $75.95 CAN per month for all my subscriptions. (Keep in mind the Prime and Disney+ I paid the yearly fee so the amount is actually reduced a bit).

When I take the $66 US and convert that into today’s CAN dollars, it would cost me $87.53.

$87.53 in the US vs. $75.95 here in Canada. Who’d have thunk it?

I really thought we were being hosed here in Canada in terms of our TV access, apparently not.


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