Getting Through COVID 19 is Going to be a Marathon

Yesterday the news came down that health officials here in Ontario are recommending that restaurants and bars close for the foreseeable future due to Covid 19. While I’m not a public health expert, I do know a thing or two about the restaurant industry. And I have to say this is the worse possible news for the industry.

It’s bad news because of course public health is right. If we’re going to beat this thing then we are going to have to limit the opportunity for transmission. With St. Patrick’s day upon us, clearly not everyone is up to changing their behavior to limit exposure. As observed in Kingston this weekend:

I know how precarious the restaurant business is even in the best of times. Profit margins can be razor thin, especially for smaller less established restaurants. Last year the industry generated $90 billion in revenue. This isn’t a sector we can afford to over look either.

Luckily, public health officials recognize this and recommended restaurants shift to take out or delivery. Hopefully, owners are able to reschedule accordingly to mitigate their costs. What we need to do as patrons,is indeed reach out and order take out. Or purchase gift cards from our favorite establishments. Think of it as a down payment on the inevitable party we’re all going to have with friends and family once this crisis is over.

I want to say there is a playbook to follow for this health crisis, but for the Coronavirus I’m afraid we’re all playing it by ear. One thing is certain though, we have to help everyone out if we’re going to come out the other side in good condition. Help out small local restaurants, you’ll be helping them through stormy waters and keeping someone’s job available for post Covid 19.

We can do this people, were Canadian after all.

Update: Well that was fast


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