I’m Really, Really Glad to be a Canadian Right Now

Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announce $87 billion in aid to Canadians affected by COVID19 or in social isolation. As well Canadian small businesses will benefit as well helping them to stay afloat in these uncertain times.

Likewise, I’ve been please by my Premier Doug Ford’s approach to this crisis. All levels of government are working together to deal with this unprecedented global event free from partisanship. Focusing on the advice of experts and responding to the ever changing landscape factually and responsibly.

Looking around the world I can’t think of a better people suited to deal with this crisis than us Canadians. Especially when compared to south of the border.

It was considered a goofy quirk that an aspect of Canadiana is our quiet politeness. But that same quirk is what’s going to get us through this. Checking on our neighbours and those most vulnerable to COVID19 is just us being Canadian. Patty Hadju, Minister of Health wasn’t being flippant when she called on Canadians to be,…well Canadian.

The health care system that we so cherish and see as part of our identity is going to be our pride after this is all said and done. The Ontario government has expanded our testing capabilities and implemented an innovative self assessment tool to help keep our system manageable.

While we often like to complain about our government, I have to admit this time all levels are rising to the occasion. I for one have confidence that in all the levels of our government right now. I have confidence in our society as Canadians. We always rise to the challenge, and when we work together we always come out through it stronger and better than before. I don’t see how this time it should be any different.

Update: Still glad…


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