As we reopen, the race to embrace change begins.

In case you missed the news this week, the majority of the province is reopening for business. Adapted for the age of COVID-19 of course. The big part of that is the fact that restaurants are now able to open patios for sit down service. It raises the question of what the future of the industry is going to be.

According to Halton Public Health, groups of 10 maximum to reflect the new social circle guidelines, and tables must be spaced 2 meters apart. Restaurants are being forced adapt once again to new pandemic measures. By now it should be clear that the race is on to shape a new dining experience, not to see how quickly we can return to the ways of the past.

Takeout and delivery will now and forever be a major part of a restaurant’s bottom line. I can’t see a future at this point where that process cannot be factored into a business model. Bigger changes though are going to be coming. Don’t expect to have the same customer service you once had. In a contactless world and face masks, don’t expect a server to constantly be checking on your experience. For their safety as well as yours the number of times your server checks on you might be a bare minimum. I know some restaurants are encouraging patrons to order everything at once, in order to reduce the risk of contact.

There are many changes that I can see happening to the industry. I didn’t want to make a predictive argument on my site, but as this pandemic has continued, adaptation has become a necessary way of life for everyone. We’re starting to grasp what changes are permanent and what more are needed. I’m thinking in the next few days I might do a deep dive into what I think restaurants and small businesses might need for success in a COVID-19 centric world.


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