Closing a provincial economy is a lot easier than reopening it,…apparently

Remembering back in March, the urgency and shock to us all, when federal and provincial leaders declared that work and public spaces will be closed as long as the pandemic exists. New rules and norms would need to govern our lives and workplaces while COVID-19 was a threat.

Four months later, we are looking at reopening work places. However confusion abounds about the rules governing our reopening here in Ontario.

Inconsistencies, double standards muddle Ontario’s rules for reopening

There appears to be many loopholes surrounding how, where and whom we are now able to interact with. This confusion has lead to what appears to be gaps in our stage 2 reopening. Cases like this one at a nail salon in Kingston, as well as reports of new COVID-19 cases being reported outside of the GTA.

There was an understandable urgency to reopen the Ontario economy. The Ford government wanted to appear on top of the matter and having the situation under control. However, in the rush to reopen a lot of confusion has spread in it’s wake. Lack of consistency on the need for face masks in businesses, allowing businesses to drop curbside pick up in some cases, and the mad rush to reopening has marked the reopening in Ontario.

New social norms and business practices are needed to be enforced if we are to make it through a COVID-19 centric life. It’s becoming a hallmark of this government, that it’s quick to stand at the microphone and declare the province reopening and to declare guidelines they’ve prescribed. However, enforcing those decisions is something the government is timid to embrace. Fear about inconveniencing people is becoming paramount over sound advice as we reopen.

That’s not leadership. It’s weak parenting at best.


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