Doug Ford is showing where his priorities are

The start of school is only a few weeks away. Many school boards are scrambling to finalize their plans and try to find a way to make sure schools are as safe as possible. Much at the expense to any long term projects the boards might have. As the requirement to hire more teachers and find space is coming out of reserves or planning for debt spending.

Global News – Guelph’s public school board to hire 160 teachers to reduce class sizes


Toronto Star – Toronto public school board to hire 366 elementary teachers, reduce class sizes

In light of this apparent crunch in funding and school boards scrambling to find funds for this unprecedented emergency, what does Premier Ford do? He shows there is plenty of money for other projects of his:

This, despite the fact that this is spit in the face of the calls to defund the police that have been echoing across North America all summer. In case Premier Ford didn’t realize this, but crime isn’t exactly out of control in Ontario. People aren’t really getting out of the house because of this pandemic. This spending announcement seems to be more political than practical.

It’s frustrating to watch the Premier essentially want to say job well done with the job not finished. The pandemic is still here, and a new structure of education is required not only for the safety of our students and teachers, but for the sake of the economy. For the life of me I can’t understand how every waking moment and dollar found is not used towards the idea of making schools safer.

His priorities are not the same as Ontario’s.


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