It appears our leaders aren’t on the same page

Yesterday, I shared the Prime Minister’s address to the nation this week. A big point that has been making the rounds with people is the frank admission that Trudeau doesn’t think Thanksgiving will look like a normal gathering this year.

Premier Doug Ford tends to disagree.

I want to believe the Premier Ford is realistic in following guidelines will help us maintain some semblance of normalcy in this pandemic. The problem I am having with this, is that its appearing to be more wishful thinking than a comprehensive plan.

In Ontario, our numbers continue to rise. Much of it no doubt attributed to the Labour Day weekend, and the social gatherings that happened at the end of the summer. Encouraging more social gatherings, seems to be a dangerous path forward. Especially when we are having such a hard time getting this latest surge under control as it is.

I suppose time will tell who has the right idea.


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