The second wave is here, the time to act is now

Yesterday, I wrote about how we’re faced with stupid people exacerbating the spike in new cases.

This morning the CBC is reporting that we could reach a daily average of 1,000 new cases a day by October. That is if our current trends continue. If we’re going to get a handle on this number, then we need to implement measures to restrict the spread of the virus.

Premier Ford and his cabinet need to step up to the plate here. Enough of the stern dad talks. He has the power and tools to keep our hospitals able to endure this pandemic, and prevent us all from being forced into a second lockdown.

He may be worried about losing his boost in support in the polls if he does so. However, my advice to him would be he’ll regret being reframed as the Premier to who wasted away the summer to prepare for a second wave. Rather than being regarded as Ontario’s Churchill, he’ll be remembered as our Nero.


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