We’re going to need a new plan

Doug Ford came to the podium yesterday to ask for a plan to ease restrictions on businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CTV covered here. It’s a good sentiment. However, this was expected months ago.

Back in the summer, Doug Ford announced that his government would bring forward a plan to deal the economy and the pandemic for the fall. It’s now Halloween and we’re still waiting on that plan. Apparently so is he.

The government has resigned to tinkering around the edges. Ignoring significant changes to school protocols and the demand for massive reform in our long term care homes has helped stage 2 take root. This government wasted it’s summer to come up with a new way for Ontario to do business.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the status quo, only allows for an open and shut mentality. We keep going and going and going until our numbers get so high we have to shut down. Region by region, which leads to region against region, and political involvement in making public health decisions. This isn’t sustainable for the long term. Our economy can’t operate on a sprint then emergency stop plan.

Working with small and medium sized businesses, including schools and daycares, and all aspects of Ontario to come up with a plan forward takes real leadership. It takes vision and in some cases financial spending.

It’s time to face facts. COVID-19 is going to irrevocably change the economic and social landscape of Ontario, Canada and the World. We can either be victims of that change, or we can be leaders and forge our own path through this crisis. It takes political will and capital to do so.

No more tinkering Mr. Ford.


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