Are we losing the plot on COVID-19?

This story in the Toronto Star caught my eye:

It’s telling as the province’s colour chart has yet to be widely accepted by physicians or medical professionals in Ontario. I for one can’t make sense of it. In an global pandemic emergency, I should be able to make an easy reference to this and get the information I need to make a decision. Instead, its a matter of cross referencing various data sets and comparisons…and you get the idea.

I’m not surprised then that it hasn’t had a lot of buy in amongst the experts in the province. My personal suspicion is that it was meant as a way to give cover to the province in shifting regions in and out of various restrictions, without the fear of Ontario mayors writing letters driving political pressure towards them, akin to Halton. Oh and by the way, since that letter Halton’s COVID-19 numbers have surged past the number they were at when the letter in question was written.

A screenshot of Halton Public Health’s website – Thursday Nov 12, 2020

Numbers in the province have steadily climbed. Centred around the 905 region and Toronto, new modelling indicates Ontario is on it’s way to 2,000 new cases a day by December.

As a layman, it’s safe to say that the current plan isn’t working. We are not getting a handle on this pandemic. Back in March and April, we went into total lockdown to get a handle on it. We sacrificed greatly. Both businesses and personal lives were upended overnight. We struggled through it. Mostly because we believed we’d develop a plan to live our lives and conduct business through it all. Instead, our leadership decided to spend the summer gallivanting around the province basking in a victory tour, that was too soon.

So here we are, in November, clearly without a plan. Or at the very least a plan that is failing to keep us all safe from this pandemic. The argument given is that we can’t shut down the economy. This is true, however on the current path we are all on, can anyone see an outcome where an inevitable lockdown is issued again to start curving our numbers down again?

This isn’t sustainable. People, businesses and lives are being left behind in the pandemic’s wake. We are reacting to choices we made three weeks ago. We need leadership that will take charge and get in front of this pandemic. Trying to solve these issues with old school thinking isn’t going to suffice. Bold and daring plans, outside of the box thinking and true entrepreneurial spirit is what will be required to succeed in this pandemic. It’s time for our province to get on board.


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