If we want to beat COVID-19, we need to get serious about rule breakers

This situation crossed my social media feeds yesterday:

On Facebook a friend posted this:

Facebook post about Hugs over Mask individuals at Costco

We have seemed to moved from confusion now, into a coordinated effort to undermine our collective efforts to get through this pandemic.

There are a lot of things that could be done here. I’d argue the simplest would be for Costco to simply enforce their mask policy at the door. I mean there is a person at the entrance way, I’d assume it’d be easy to do so.

However I also recognise that it might be out of a person’s pay grade to deal with some of these nuts. In which case, police need to be start laying significant fines to get the message across.

The time for education is over. This isn’t a matter of clearing up some facts for people. These Hugs over Mask groups, aren’t simply misguided they are harmful to our collective efforts to beat COVID-19. It’s November. This pandemic has been happening for 9 months now. It’s time to take the kids gloves off.


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