Tom Cruise is the boss the world needs right now…

In case you missed it, another Hollywood megastar has been caught ranting to cast and crew on set. Only this time it’s completely justified.

It’s important to note that it’s pretty clear Cruise is wearing his producer’s hat in this rant. As the guy who’s financing the production and has to report to investors and insurance companies and understands that he’s paying a lot of people to make this product, it’s kind of refreshing to see him take charge.

Clearly, he is taking the risk of COVID-19 seriously and has a lot of pressure to make sure Mission: Impossible 7 completes filming and is able to be shown in theatres. In England, COVID-19 is well into it’s second wave, with numbers beginning to spike again apparently. There is a very real risk of production being forced to shut down altogether if COVID-19 begins to spread through the set.

Cruise clearly gets the big picture. It’s not just his personality or the people closest to him that he needs be concerned about. He’s thinking of all the people on the credit roll. Quite frankly, someone who puts that much thought into being a leader at the workplace is someone I think more of us would want as a boss.

A few people closer to home could probably take a lesson from Tom.


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