One has to wonder how long Doug Ford has

As we wind down 2020 and look towards the new year, it’s common to wonder what the future holds for us. Especially after this year. I mean after the disaster that was 2020, it’s nowhere to go but up right? Unless I presume you’re Doug Ford.

This week, his government is being rocked on calls of hypocrisy and elitism stemming from his Finance Minister Rod Philips’ decision to vacation in St. Barts for the Christmas holidays. In the face of a stay at home instructions from his government. I won’t get into all the angles of why this is a disastrous moment for the Ford government. If you want a pretty good analysis of why there is very little room to maneuver here, I suggest you read Scott Reid’s analysis here:

If you take a step back and see how did we get here, I can’t say I’m really surprised. All of this is in keeping with how the Ford government approaches government. More akin to a bull in a china shop as opposed to an artist using a fine tipped brush. What I am startled with is his polling numbers.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I’ll admit Doug Ford surprised even me, with his quick and decisive action. I had thought that maybe this was his chance to shine and that we’d see a new Doug Ford in charge. Unfortunately that didn’t last long. The difficulties of governing in a pandemic quickly became apparent. More apparent was that navigating Ontario through this pandemic wasn’t going to be cheap, and that many of the cuts made already to programs and regulations were exacerbating the pandemic.

Long Term Care homes, continue to remain a hot bed of infection despite Ford’s most earnest press conferences pledging to reform them. Schools remain over crowded with increasing infection rates, spreading disease throughout communities. And employees unable to take sick days have been a contributor to heighten case numbers in Toronto and Peel region. To top it all off the small businesses that Ford professes to hold dear to his heart are forced into making the most difficult decisions to stay open or closed, while big pocketed corporations like Walmart are allowed to continue business as usual.

Despite the above though, Doug Ford’s approval ratings have remained steady. In recent polls, the Ford government shows a sizeable lead in the province. Perhaps this might change after the latest news about Min Philips. At one point the camel’s back will break. As is the case in politics. Rarely is one issue the matter to bring down a government.

Already the COVID-19 vaccine roll out has been tripped up by centres being closed and news of less than 10% of Ontario’s vaccine supply being administered. I don’t see how this can continue with out seeing Doug Ford’s popularity returning to his pre-COVID levels. Hmmm, maybe 2021 will be a return to normality after all.


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