In case you were under a rock all day yesterday, the American Capitol building was overrun by terrorist and insurrectionists. You can see the coverage here:

I posted earlier this week about how Trump will be a thorn in the side of America for years to come. I didn’t think I’d be proven wrong this early after writing it.

There is growing evidence that these people weren’t everyday Americans but neo-nazis and racists:

This has crossed the line of civil discourse. Robust debate isn’t here. We can’t find the common ground for both sides to come together. It’s because it no longer exists. I trust that President-elect Joe Biden once taking office will order his government to execute a program to dismantle and arrest these insurrectionists. They’ve voided their arguments and crossed the line into criminal behaviour.

If the American government fails to take decisive action on these individuals and groups, I can’t foresee any situation where America doesn’t forfeit it’s leadership position forever.


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