After 20 years, its time to say goodbye

There are some who are going to read this and be honestly shocked by what I’m about to write. This week I cancelled my memberships and monthly donations to the federal and provincial Libéral parties.

I should explain myself. This isn’t due to some falling out. Or a protest of government policy. I did use to work for the party in a previous lifetime. However that has come and gone. I have found a new passion and something that I enjoy doing very much. The 905er.

We have been expanding our listener base. We are growing and earning a loyal following. As such, I want to be free to give my honest and unbiased opinion of current events. I want to be able to provide criticism and praise where it is earned. Free from the shackles of the assumption I am first and foremost a Libéral shill. I’m not. I haven’t been to a liberal event in years and find my current attachment more performative than a deep rooted commitment.

As well, I have criticism of the current Libéral government and provincial parties. I think Trudeau is a decent Prime Minister, and better than the alternatives on the market right now. However, he has absolutely and unequivocally failed his promises of reconciliation with our First Nations partners since becoming Prime Minister. I know that these are deep rooted and long standing issues, however that requires deep rooted commitment and leadership to tackle. In our episode of The 905er on 1492 Landback Lane, it became apparent that federal involvement is needed to enforce Six Nations land rights in the area. There are many other areas of First Nations reconciliation that he has failed on. And should be held accountable for his failures on this file.

Provincially, I believe the Liberals have a long way to go in terms of rebuilding the party to what it needs to be in the 21st century. Right now John Fraser and Michael Coteau are the faces of the party in the legislature and doing an admirable job in holding the current PC government to account. However this is a job for the leader, Stephen Del Duca. All of this has lead to a question of where are the Liberals provincially? At a time when there is plenty of material to hammer the Ford government for, the mismanagement of the Long Term Care homes during the pandemic has lead to direct deaths of our most vulnerable. This ought to be his Walkerton crisis. Instead due to the ineptness of the opposition parties, he’s getting a pass.

I want to be able to criticise these points and give praise where it is deserved. I still identify as a progressive first and foremost. I believe more than ever, that innovation and social cohesion is going to be what gets us through this pandemic. Our old way of life is going away. What emerges will be up to all of us. However to get there, we need to have honest and open discussions about the things that are most important to us. I hope I’m able to do that now.


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