This is what a Canadian Rebellion looks like

The news of the day is of course, the Peel medical officer of health, Dr. Lawrence Loh invoking his authority to close schools for the next two weeks.

The thing is, Dr. Loh isn’t alone in taking this action. Wellington Catholic, Upper Grand District School Board, Superior North School Board and Niagara Catholic amongst others are being closed in efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. A great resource if you’re a parent is this Facebook page which is updating the information:

I suppose at this rate, the provincial government isn’t changing it’s tune. More and more it appears that politics trumps science with the current administration. It would be in bad form for Minister Stephen Lecce to need to stand up in front of the province again and plea to ensure another round of closures. Remember this is the man who postponed March break, under questionable evidence at the time. The rationale was that it would help curb the spread of the new variants in the province. Allowing the province to get it’s footing and avoid the spread of the new more contagious variants in Ontario.

In other words, he cancelled March Break to avoid the exact situation we are currently in. His actions then proved pointless. Rather than face the public and admit he was wrong, he’s doubling down on using Dr. Williams, Ontario’s Public Health Officer to cover for him. In the face of this retreat into obstinacy, a few brave public health officials are using the powers granted to them to do what is necessary to keep everyone safe. They deserve our commendation. Finally we have signs of real leadership in this province.


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