The weekend that changed Ontario

In one weekend rarely as the political landscape shifted so drastically for a government. For weeks, in Ontario, the third wave has rampaged through the population. In an effort to redeem it’s credibility the Ford government announced stricter measures to curb the spread. These included, closing of parks and playgrounds and allowing widespread carding of anyone ‘suspected’ of violating COVID-19 protocols. You could feel the a collective sigh as the majority of us came to realise this government is out of ideas.

In regards to the police carding policy, it was good to see police chiefs from across the province unequivocally state that they would not be complying.

Following that, he faced a mini rebellion within his own caucus over park closures as shown in this letter from Christina Mitas MPP in Scarborough:

This lead to a reversal on the playgrounds policy, yet a doubling down on the carding and yet again more confusion for the people of Ontario.

The situation is so dire in Ontario, that Prime Minister Trudeau is stepping in. Networking with other Premiers to facilitate more health care workers to help ease the strain on Ontario’s ICU beds. As well he reiterated an offer to send in the Red Cross to help with vaccinations. Which was summarily rejected by the Ford government.

This culminated on Sunday evening, with the Washington Post running an opinion piece explicitly calling for the resignation of Doug Ford.

They say that a crisis shows you who you really are. It is plainly apparent to many of us in the province, that Doug Ford is not premier material. That isn’t to say mistakes can’t be made. However over a year into this pandemic, the mistakes should be few and far between. As a leader learns from their mistakes and takes measures to avoid repeating them. Doug Ford has not. His cabinet has not. Responsibility is the last thing they wish to deal with.

Instead its shifting of responsibility to the federal government for the poor vaccine roll out, or the coordination of vaccine distribution to underfunded public health units. Refusing to accept the fact that workplaces and schools are where the virus is now and providing supports there. Preferring to chastise the public for not following the ever changing COVID-19 protocols.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that we are on our own. There is no plan. I believe there never was one. Doug Ford is unlikely to resign. However next election if we decide to give him another term we are fools.


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