The name is Bezos…Jeff Bezos…

So seemingly after reading my blog post yesterday, some executive at Amazon wanted to cash in on the furor surrounding it. I mean thats the only way to read the news today that Amazon is buying MGM for $8.45 Billion.

Check out the story here:

Amazon Buys MGM, Studio Behind James Bond, for $8.45 Billion

Its only furthering the case that studios having control over the industry is a thing of the past. Disney now owns not only Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, but 20th Century Fox as well. HBOMax has access to Warner Bros content, and now Amazon to MGM. More importantly, all of these streaming services have guaranteed multi billion dollar franchise generators attached to them.

Amazon’s ownership of the James Bond movie franchise, gives it a lot of potential for profit generation in the years to come. More importantly it further signifies the death knell of the cinema. As future MGM movies are made, once the initial investment of the film has been recouped, the profits generated from BluRay sales as well as encouraging purchases of Prime Video subscriptions will be the real revenue.

That model I suspect will be copied across Disney and Warner Bros as well. Allowing greater brand control of their franchise content into various mediums. The potential to generate billions in revenue is too great to ignore. What will be collateral damage to the coming onslaught of branding, will be the multiplex. Getting various content into people’s homes will be the business model for the movie and film industry going forward.


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