What Doug Ford at the Cottage Means for the Omicron Variant:

So by now it’s widely known that Doug Ford has left Toronto for his cottage:

This comes soon after he asked for all hands on deck to deal with the emerging Omicron variant in Ontario.

I don’t think Doug Ford has a lot of imagination. I think he’s a man who likes his routines and likes predictability. So what can we assume from this course of action based on his past actions? I would think he’d come back from his cottage to appear meek and humble just after Christmas. By then no doubt the Omicron variant numbers will be outrageous which will mean further restrictions need to be implemented.

It’s assumed by many parents and teachers based on the fact that every child was sent home with their textbooks for Christmas break, that remote learning will be implemented in the new year. The cost to Doug Ford’s reputation will be severe, but at this point I suspect he doesn’t care.

The real thing that should be asked of him though when he does emerge from he cottage is:

Did his daughter Krista Ford attend family functions there and did she take a rapid test prior to attending?


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