How are you going to play ball in a pandemic?

I saw this article come across my feed this morning:

Blue Jays close Dunedin facility after player shows COVID-19 symptoms

A couple of questions:

1. Toronto is still in stage 1 of the provinces re-opening. A far stretch from watching competitive play. Lisa Macleod, Ontario Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture has provided guidelines for training Centres to open. This is a far cry from that though.

2. What happens to the Toronto Blue Jay brand if it is forced to play in Dunedin all season long. Far away from it’s home market of Toronto? Are fans really going to tune in regularly to watch a team that is no longer the home team?

3. Is MLB really going to open if they’ve already had an outbreak of 40 confirmed cases across the league? And competitive play hasn’t really begun yet?

I understand the desire to reopen, as they are multi-million dollar franchises. Players salaries, branding and marketing rights are at risk. However, step back and take a look at the bigger picture. What good is one season, if say your star player, your multi-million dollar investment to pack the stands and promote your team contracts the disease and is incapacitated or worse dies? Can you honestly look in yourself in the mirror and say it’s worth it?


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