We still haven’t figured out the start of school.

Found this column in my social media this morning.

Jane Sims with the London Free Press, wrote this article about the last minute race to get back to school. Frankly why are we still rushing to change the plan days left to go until the scheduled start of school?

We’ve had months to plan. This stage of the pandemic was predicted in May. When our medical officials all stated that life would not be returning to normal until a vaccine was developed and distributed. Why wasn’t planning started then?

I’ve liked to compare this event to our Apollo 13 moment. A disaster has occurred that has crippled our plans. A deadline is approaching which we know we have to plan for regardless. Timelines are short and resources are thin. Nevertheless, we need to plan for success.

I believe we could have success in the fall. We could have a strong plan in place, that gives parents, teachers and students the confidence that we’re going to be okay. We could have leaders who reassure us as we go, that we have the best and brightest working on this. Instead we have a mad rush to hand in our homework half done and a day late.

This isn’t leadership, it’s laziness pure and simple.


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