Are we now in a race to the finish line?

News came out yesterday that the Ontario Hospital Association believes we are in a third wave of COVID-19.

In the meantime, our vaccination program isn’t off to the best of starts. General Rick Hillier’s contract is up and he will be stepping away from his post just as the ramp up of vaccinations is badly needed. As well, the online portal to vaccinate our seniors and most vulnerable is running into logistic an technical hurdles. Reports of line ups 10,000 long are abundant. Along with the fact that some seniors are not tech savvy to navigate the online portal.

This runs the risk of running into a farce. If indeed according to our doctors and scientists a third wave is present in the province, it appears that our government’s response is simply going to be vaccination is now our weapon of choice. This sounds fine. However, we are tripping over ourselves to get needles in arms.

The hiccups in Canada’s vaccination program are well documented. We are lagging behind in getting needles in the arms of Canadians. The federal government has been victim to logistical timeline problems of the vaccine manufacturers. However that appears to be coming to an end. Our vaccine supply is going to be increasing in the weeks and months ahead.

Rather than blame each other, which is a time honoured Canadian past time, we need to come together. I’ve written before about this, here and here and here. Now isn’t the time to throw caution to the wind. In any race you don’t throw your strategy out the window when you see the end in sight. Let’s work together to get us through this, for at least a little bit longer okay?


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