To Change is to Survive…

We are heading in to month six of this pandemic. Trends are starting to develop and new normals are starting to take root in our culture and society. However, like all change, it is slow and many are reluctant to embrace it. Some no doubt because of the uncertainty of what the future may hold. Others because they long to return to the predictability and routine of the past.

In recent months though, it has become apparent that we are in the process of reorganizing our society in a very fundamental manner. I hinted at this way back at the start of this pandemic, here. As the pandemic is progressed so too has the necessity to reevaluate many assumptions we took for granted. The manner of which we organized our economy is fundamentally shifting. Look at this article in the New York Times on the subject matter.

As we begin to prioritize our social and family lives without sacrificing productivity, it will have profound impact on our society. The shift from the neo-liberal idea of the economy to a more egalitarian model is not going to be without challenges. Talk of the need for a UBI to handle the stress of the shift is gaining traction not just here in Canada but around the world. In Germany apparently they are beginning to implement a UBI program. I’ve suspected that here in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s prorogation and introducing a new throne speech this fall, is a prelude to the introduction of a UBI here.

The fears though that this would lead to a stifling of our economy I believe are unfounded. Tomorrow on The 905er, we’ll be putting out our fifth episode with an interview with Jason Cassis, entrepreneur and restauranteur in Hamilton. He provides an interesting perspective on what the pandemic has done to the economy and people’s livelihoods. More importantly, he provides perspective on how this pandemic can be an opportunity in the making. As old ways are becoming obsolete, new ways are beginning to take shape.

If we are brave enough to take hold of these opportunities as they arise, a new and better future might await us. It is just a matter of having the will and an open mind.


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